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@Mentions in Workspace does not post Message into the Slack Integrated Channel



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    Miguel Estrada

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for providing feedback.  This is a known issue that is being addressed over the next few weeks.



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    Marc Gaillard

    Hi Miguel,

    it looks like, this is still an issue.  Any info, when this should be solved?



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    Greg Pflaum

    I'm trying to increase my use of WW, but this issue and inability to send images to Slack keep driving me back to the Slack client. 

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    Miguel Estrada

    Regarding messages with @mentions not causing notifications to apps via outbound webhooks (which the slack integration uses...).  Investigating this as I believe it was fixed and then regressed.  

    Greg, regarding being able to propagate images pasted in WW down to a slack channel.  This is known, but not currently in plan.  

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