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Enhance Action Fulfillment to allow for user entry

Not planned



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    Ami Dewar

    Yes, I definitely think that makes sense.   So like form fields - right?  

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    Darren Cacy

    Yes, I'm thinking of a form. One approach would be to allow the app to include arbitrary HTML markup that will "post" back to our app, giving us a lot of flexibility in how we can interact with the user.

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    Arnd Layer

    maybe something like the embedded experience we have in Connections ... someday

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    Miguel Estrada

    Separating the request:


    1.  Ability for user to enter text destined to the Action Fulfillment flow / private conversation with the app.  This is something we have discussed and in radar.  This also came up during the development of the github app to allow users to enter issue descriptions, etc.

    2.  Ability for applications to present users a form / microapp / embedded experience with rich UI controls in the same Action Fulfillment flow as above.  This has also been discussed.  It would also handle the above, but it does put more requirements onto the app developer to build this as well as bringing complexities in web and mobile environments / clients.

    I think both have merit.  Currently considering a path where 1 is considered first and then 2 

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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas (Edited )

    Awww... I can't believe this has only 3 votes.

    This is gonna be bread and butter of app development for Watson Workspace.

    "Magic purple underline" for the masses !

    Rest assured, third party developers are waiting for this :)

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    John Jardin

    Here's my request similar to this. I completely agree this is valuable functionality


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    Miguel Estrada

    See my response above.... definitely needed and in backlog.

    Now, for the comment ""Magic purple underline" for the masses !"

    I think you infer that it would make it more attractive to use underlining as you could do more once you click on them.  Correct?

    In that same area of discussion want to bring up 2 things:

    1.  It is possible today to have an app identify text to underline and make it happen.  -> Create Focus annotation.  I suppose you are already aware of this, but wanted to make sure.

    2.  We are considering simplifying this with two features:

    2.1 Allow apps to declare actions for the message popup menu - no need to have to underline something
    2.2 Allow creation of entity detector apps and corresponding handler apps - separate who underlines (detector) from who handles (handler) - establish registry of what is detected (ie. UPS tracking numbers, hospitals, etc etc) and publish out for possible handlers....


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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas (Edited )

    Well, I am making an app in Java Spring-boot.

    And the first thing everyone actually expects from TargetedMessage pop-up area is to have some kind of input fields at some point.

    There is important point here - PRIVACY.

    Cause a user can enter whatever input using action commands anyway, right ?

    Except if he mistypes the command what is going to happen ? Exactly, a private information will be posted in space for everyone in the space to see in the form of malformed command:

    "/update # remarks # Changed the password to yada-yada"

    This is what's going to happen EVERY TIME if inexperienced user doesn't make sure the action command was highlighted when he was typing in confidential private details that shouldn't be posted in space following the action command.

    And don't get me started on slight differences of using the action commands (aka slash commands) on web browser, Watson Workspace app and mobile devices !

    Now, surely you can see that if user-private TargetedMessage pop-up window had input TEXTFIELDS, that would prevent this from happening, as communication would not appear in public space and would be isolated to TargetedMessage area.

    I am aware that I can mess about with focusMessage in my app, back-engineering the Conversation Service thing, done it before once, thought it was confusing and too much work anyway, switched to using Conversation service for "magic purple underline" and I have been much happier since.

    I actually made a conversation service that recognizes malformed command posted in space, like "/update # remarks # Changed the password to yada-yada", so it now highlights it with "magic purple underline" (I just like this definition so much) and then if user clicks on it, it takes him to the same routine and user-private TargetedMessage area.

    But the PRIVACY problem is still there - if user mistypes "update" command, the contents of command, keywords, context, all are posted in the space and everyone in it is notified about this.

    So action commands + conversation service do not provide the real alternative to proposed input in the targetedMessage window, it's just a quick stop-gap measure and as soon as you guys bring real input fields into it, I'll be changing everything again for the better option.

    Godspeed and good luck ! I believe in you and stuff.

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