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Conference Features with Screen Sharing like GoTo Meeting




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    Ami Dewar

    Yes, great idea!  Thanks for sharing. 

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    Rachael Dickens

    We now have built-in audio and video capabilities from Zoom. Our new Plus offering allows for video meetings of up to 200 participants, and all offerings now include 1:1 video calls. Try it out in our mobile and desktop apps. We hope it gives you what you were looking for!

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    Rolf-Thore Johansen

    Is it an ieda to "melt together" to one applicatinon, all that stuff about "chat-audio-video-meeting-sharing" into ONE APP? It is, afte my opiion, to much "buss" with different apps doin nearly the same job.

    Make it IBM Collaboration Apps. One basic with a common name, then "add-ons" as the customer can easely combine apps into a complete suite.

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