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Out of Office notification



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    Brian Donovan

    Would agree, this is something that is unique with ST, the ability to go on DND, in a meeting, away from my desk or to customize your presence message.  Also, going a step further - to including a OOO message

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    These are all great ideas and pieces we have taken into consideration. Right now we are working on some awareness pieces for WW and hope to have something in the pipeline to end-users shortly. Your ideas are being heard ;) 

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    Arnd Layer

    find a more general idea on status here: https://help.workspace.ibm.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007411488-online-status-and-status-messages

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    Mark Harper

    After being out on vacation this would be a huge help so people are not waiting on answers to DMs. The other user has no idea if your gone or just not responding.

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    Arnd Layer

    Experienced the same just now.

    Workspace is different to Sametime allowing messages to be sent when the recipient is offline (yes, recent versions of Sametime offer offline messaging). In this area Workspace works more like eMail. The sender expects a reaction when the recipient does see the message but I doubt the sender will account for possible 2 weeks vacation.

    So for an experience the user can rely on, we need some form of OoO response.

    This does not need to be a full implementation of an OoO feature. If the API was providing access to direct messages and @mentions, 3rd party OoO apps could be implemented. This way, a broader set of functionality would become available. Think of templates and rules based messages.

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    Tosun Bugra Uytun

    The OoO message has been integrated through mail API to our new Bluepages: https://w3-connections.ibm.com/blogs/7ebf6f62-9c1b-4378-b45c-88c748b1a699/entry/Out_of_Office_Integration?lang=en_us

    meaning it could be also easily integrated into WWS; especially since WWS lives of these integration points.

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    Ami Dewar

    Very cool - would be a nice side project for any developer to pick up :)

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    Very cool !

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