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Authorization Endpoint doc?



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    Miguel Estrada

    Hi Chad,

    The page titled "Preparing your app to run" I found has links to three different reference end points which you can also access directly via navigation on left:

    Each of them are described independently and include pointers to the standard oauth documentation flow as per https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749

    Note that two of them are the same endpoint /oauth/token but they send different payloads to it.

    We are working to improve the documentation and provide example code.

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    Chad Scott


    The link to Authorization Endpoint in the navigator on the left actually takes you to Authorization Code Grant. There is no section in the doc titled Authorization Endpoint. It's not clear to me if that section is missing or if the sections in the main doc or the navigator titles are wrong.

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    Kirti Gani

    Thanks Chad, you found an issue with the section heading in the doc, let me report and have the team address this, but I believe the content should help in that section. 

    GET /oauth/authorize


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