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inviting users to a space using API



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    Kris, not sure I understand the question. Are you saying when xPages approves a guest user its sending some kind of email to that user who then has to register for Watson workspace to be added to the space that I'm guessing you have created for that user who is now a guest user in xPages? If so, then you should be able to do it through the watson api. Take a look at this site: <  https://developer.watsonwork.ibm.com/docs > If you go down to the PEOPLE section it will show the adding of a user/member to a space but again the user(guest user from xPages) would still have to register for Watson Workspace for it to work fully or you would need to create a bot that would take that information from xPages and allow that user to post to some type of chat client that then posts to the bot who then posts to Watson Workspace(WW). Then when a user posts from WW it would post to the bot which would then post to the 3rd party client where these 'external' users are at. We have something similar now where we have Slack integration. There is a bot in between and when a user posts in WW it posts to a Slack channel and vice versa if that user is a part of a Channel in Slack and users post to it it will post to WW. I hope this answers your question.

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    Miguel Estrada

    Hi Kris,

    We currently do not allow for an app to programmatically invite users via API.  We are looking into options, but would be good to know more details about your use case.  Presumably these users already have IBM IDs ?

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    Kris De Bisschop


    hereby a bit more detail about what we try to set up:

    As it is possible to invite somebody to a space manually by entering his email address, we want to do this automatically through an API once they registered on a web page that we offer.

    The invitee who receives the mail, as a result of the invitation set up earlier, can open the link in standard watson worspace invitation and needs to log in or create an IBM id if he currently hasn't one.


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    Miguel Estrada

    Thanks for the feedback.  The invite model is setup to allow a person to invite another person via Workspace app.  Is doing this via another app (the web page you offer) allowing something extra such as the web page knowing who has been invited?  Is it more so to do mass-invitations based on existing users of another system?

    I will pass the feedback nonetheless.  Thanks


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