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Unable to enable webhook



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    Herbert Dürr (Edited )

    Validating a webhook checks that you are the owner of the endpoint. To do this it sends a challenge that needs to be replied to appropriately. Please see https://workspace.ibm.com/developer/docs's chapter on "Preparing Webhooks".

    The reply is supposed to

    - have http 200 ("ok") status

    - to contain the challenge value as response field

    - to have a header X-OUTBOUND-TOKEN that signs the reply body using the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm with the webhookSecret. The value of that header is the hex-encoded result of the signature algorithm

    In the problem you reported the failed validation is apparently caused by the webhook returning a http 404 ("not found") instead of the expected http 200 ("ok").

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    Might be this:

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