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Adding an icon to an application



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    Ami Dewar

    I think you already got the answer but you'll want to reference the photo service. 


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    Miguel Estrada

    Adding this info here to help others who may run into this...

    1. The photo service is used to update/replace (POST /photos)  the photo for the userID associated with the call via the provided JWT token.  See "Photo service" in the docs.  Note however that the header to pass the JWT, instead of being "Authorization Bearer <jwt>"  currently needs to be just a header named "jwt" with the value being the <jwt> token itself.  We are going to be correcting this discrepancy....

    2. The JWT above must therefore be one representing the app itself and not the owner of the app which means taking the appID + appSecret and using the /oauth/token endpoint as per the doc "Authenticate as an application" indicates. 


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    Aha! Thank you for this. That explains why I kept getting auth failures lol.

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