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    Looks like our example there might be a bit off. I'm looking into this to see what I can find out. Thanks for pointing this out :)

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    Right now, it appears you can only retrieve multiple people by id, based on:


    I've asked for clarification.

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    Mark WALLACE

    Hi Jared,


    thanks for the response. So the use case I'm working on is integration with Verse. I want to start with a mail and provide an option to create a space and add all of the people on the mail as members to the space. So I will have a list of email addresses for the potential members and it looks like I will need to use the getProfile to get the user id of each member. It would be very useful to have a variation of getProfiles which takes a list of email addresses.




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    Bernd BEILKE (Edited )

    Hi Mark,

    I think you actually had a typo in your code switching ] and ". However, even when you fix it, it seem the only way to get Profile for a list of email adresses is through the cryptic internal ID. What works for me is to search for a single email so you would have to loop through it for a list:

    query getProfile {
    person(email: "mark_wallace@ie.ibm.com") {

    I am actually working on a similar use case, where I want to move an email thread into a conversation and need to add email recipients to a space, but that require looping through the recipents list then.


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    I have a similar usecase as Mark; would like to update membership of a Space based on membership from a Connections Community. With the current limitation I have to issue several calls instead of a single one.

    Beyond the limitation by itself, is there any reason why you allowed to retrieve multiple information based on "id" but not based on "email"? I mean, is there anything that would make "unlikely" or "not recommended" the use of multiple mail addresses?

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