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Possible to send a picture to the channel as a message?



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    Greg Pflaum (Edited )

    Image files: The '+' button next to the text input field allows you to select an image file to send.

    Images from clipboard: Pasting images is supported by some browsers, not by others. You'll see the same in Slack, Gmail, etc.

    Does not support pasting images:

    • Firefox 45esr
    • Safari

    Supports pasting images:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox 50
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    Miguel Estrada

    Thanks for adding info @Greg.

    @Jared, I assume you are referring to the ability to programmatically add an image to a conversation....  

    That is definitely on the list of items to enable.  Here is current status:

    1. Need to implement service that proxies images due to security requirements that prevent us from doing img src = external site  on our html generated code.  This is a pre-req

    2. Need to then add API to attach image to a message.

    3. The current "actor" avatar works only for images sourced from domains in a white list.  Currently only ibm.com and a specific domain in slack.com for avatars are on that list.


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    Thanks both of you :) I'll be anxiously awaiting this.

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    Greg Pflaum

    Sorry, I was browsing recent messages at https://help.workspace.ibm.com/hc/en-us/community/posts and didn't notice this was in the Developer forum.

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